Tape service klant cases

Tape service klant cases

Hier vindt u enkele klantcases. Lees hoe Ontrack deze bedrijven heeft geholpen met hun tape vraagstukken.

Tape gered van een productiebedrijf na een aardbeving

Hoewel de tape flink door elkaar was geschud, op de grond was gevallen en helemaal onder de modder zat, ging er niets verloren.

Tape recovery case

A leading IT services company needed to access legacy tapes in a short timeframe.

To rapidly restore and extract 2,500 Microsoft Exchange mailboxes from 40 tapes, the company utilised the speed and capacity capabilities of Ontrack tape services.

A global pharmaceutical company needed to ensure all data could be restored from more than 5,000 tapes with suspected water and corrosion damage.

The company needed to establish whether to restore just the definitely water-damaged tapes or others also as the condition of the tapes was not known. They turned to Ontrack for advice on how to proceed.

Ontrack supports an IT service provider to ensure its end-customer can access legacy backup tapes.

An insurance company needed guaranteed on-going access to its legacy backup tapes without having to maintain the legacy backup infrastructure.

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